Lad mortified after his mum logged into his Facebook – and liked his ex’s snaps

It’s not so straightforward nowadays when breaking up with a partner thanks to the likes of social media.

Unfollowing on Instagram and scrapping every trace of being together are often the last nails in the coffin for a relationship that went sour.

However, this lad has had an absolute nightmare after not deleting his ex as a friend on Facebook.

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Adam Johnson thought he would have a sneaky ‘stalk’ to see what his past flame had been getting up to with their new partner.

But panic quickly set in as he realised he had liked pictures of his ex – with his new boyfriend.

Baffled as to why this happened, Adam quickly clocked on that his mum had been using his Facebook account thinking it was hers…

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, the lad revealed his mortifying realisation.

"So was having a stalky stalk of my ex on Facebook and realised all his pictures he’d been posting of him and his fam and NEW BOYFRIEND had been liked by me…

“Turns out my mum is logged into my Facebook on her iPad and has been liking his stuff overtime, it gets worse.

“She also commented on a post he was tagged [in] by his mum ‘looks lovely’ THINKING IT’S HER ACCOUNT,

“Pass the bleach,” he quipped.

Equally mortified by Adam’s Facebook blunder, many people fled to the comments to express their horror.

One related: “My mum still comments on my ex’s Facebook regularly “have a nice time” and “looking great”. We haven't been together for the next 10 years.”

A second person declared: “I'm so sorry this happened to you, I don't think I'd ever recover from this to be honest.”

This user questioned: “Why’s she commenting on your ex’s stuff anyway.”

As a fourth proposed: “Begging the government to put me into witness protection and disappear forever.”

However, others saw it as a ‘power move’.

One person defended: “No he must have been so intimidated by how unbothered you were with the breakup.”

Another user added: “Don’t correct it – This is actually a total power move!”

While a third person agreed: “No because as much as I'd die imagine the complex it's given him thinking he's moved on etc and you're there just unbothered.. He's secretly seething.”

Someone else praised: “Honestly this is kind of a flex look at how unbothered you seem via Facebook!”


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