Lauren Pope shares ‘spot-busting combo’ that stops her from picking her blemishes

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When spots appear on your skin, it can be difficult to stop yourself from picking away and causing more damage – but what is the solution?

TOWIE’s Lauren Pope may just have the answer, as she has revealed her go-to products for combatting pesky breakouts.

Speaking with fans on Instagram, the star lists her current favourite beauty products, including her “spot-busting combo” which “stopped [her] from picking” her pimples.

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Lauren uses a combination of Zitsticka Goo Getter Patches, £17 here, and Millionaire Beauty Flawless Corrective Serum, £16.50 here, to treat her “surface spots.”

“I’m terrible for trying to pick things,” Lauren confesses. “The combination of these two has been working very well for me.”

Lauren reveals that while she has also used Zitsticka’s Killa Set, £25 here, in the past – which are great for treating early-stage spots – but these new Goo Getter versions “are for the ones you don’t catch in time.”

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“It’s mainly for surface-level spots,” the star says, “so if you see you’ve got a bit of a head, it literally covers the spot and it just draws out the impurities overnight.”

On Zitsticka’s website , the Goo Getter patches are described as “an ingredient-filled hydrocolloid patch for the late-stage zit.”

Sold in a pack of 36, the moisture-drawing patch “absorbs fluid, impurities and goo from your surface-level zit to quickly shrink its appearance.”

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Lauren uses the clever patches on her spots as part of her “overnight treatment,” then in the morning, the star applies the Millionaire Beauty serum.

“I like this because it is a serum so I can apply it with all my other skincare, and then apply make-up over the top,” she says.

Lauren favours the spot-fighting product for its calming and soothing effects, claiming it “takes down some of that swelling” associated with breakouts.

“I feel like it acts like a bit of a barrier between your skin and make-up,” she adds.

And Lauren’s not the only one raving about the spot treatment. The product has tonnes of five star reviews on the Millionaire Beauty website, with customers hailing it as “the best acne product so far.”

One happy shopper commented, “I get the odd breakout now and then, and as soon as I feel a spot coming I apply this straight away and dab it straight onto my spot and I kid you not the next day it’s like my spot has reduced in size and redness

Another wrote, “I get hormonal acne spots and very painful spots. I applied flawless corrector directly on my spots and by the next day the spot reduced in size and pain – absolute miracle product.”

If it means keeping blemishes at bay, we’ll be adding Lauren’s “spot-busting combo” to our shopping basket ASAP.

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