Leo personality traits: Star sign ‘passionate in all pursuits’ – positive attributes

Eamonn Holmes discovers his star sign has changed

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Leo, the fifth sign in the zodiac, belongs to the Fire element in the Zodiac. Represented by the Lion, Leos have many personality traits both positive and negative. According to Horoscope.com, those born under the star sign are “passionate in all pursuits”.

A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future based on the positions of stars and planets at the time someone was born.

As well as have yearly, monthly and weekly horoscopes, each star sign also has different personality traits.

Horoscope.com said: “Bold, intelligent, warm, courageous, fire sign Leo is a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way.

“Blessed with high self-esteem, Lions know that they possess enviable traits – and they’re proud of them.

“They don’t believe in false modesty and will be the first to praise themselves for a job well done.

“But Leo isn’t self-aggrandising or unwilling to roll up those sleeves and do the work: this sign knows that in order to be respected and admired, he or she needs to put in the effort worthy of a leader.”

According to the site, Leos are also “passionate in all pursuits”, including relationships and work life.

Leos belong to the Fire element of the Zodiac and they are associated with being quite fiery.

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This means they can be extremely opinionated and need to find a partner who can handle them.

In Greek mythology, the star sign is represented by the Namean Lion who was gifted with mystic powers and was undefinable. 

Both of these characteristics can be seen in Leos through their warm, passionate and dynamic outlook on life.

According to Horoscope.com Leo’s motto is: “If you know the way, go the way and show the way – you’re a leader.”

Although they put themselves first, when the star sign spends time with a loved one, it is because they genuinely want to.

The tendency to be selfish however, does mean that Leos have a reputation for being arrogant.

Horoscope.com added: “Lions are well known for their loud roar. But learning to quiet down and listen is essential for Leo signs to reach their peak power – especially when they’re hearing a voice that doesn’t match their confidence and certainty.

“While this sign thrives on their split-second decision making and reaction skills, they might sometimes benefit from taking a few seconds, minutes, or even days before making their opinion known on a subject.

“Researching all sides, doing due diligence, and learning from other people’s experiences are all essential for a Leo to be as strong a leader as possible.”

At the beginning of the month, British astrologer Russell Grant shared an insight into what Leos could experience in the month of August.

He said: “You’ll notice a definite generation gap during the first half of August. It will be much easier to communicate with people from your age group than members of previous and subsequent demographics. Beware of obeying an impulse to change your look on the 8th, when a challenged New Moon can tempt you to overhaul your image. It’s better to wait until next month to alter your hairstyle or dramatically update your wardrobe.

“Your financial and professional prospects will soar during the middle of the month. This is a great time to negotiate a raise or land a lucrative position; you might return to a former employer who always appreciated your talent. The Full Moon on the 22nd will cause a close relationship to burst into flower.”

What is the top love match for a Leo star sign?

The top love match for the star sign, based on compatibility and personality traits, is a Libra.

This is because they both enjoy the finer things in life including good quality restaurant food and wine.

Horoscope.com says: “This air sign can tempter Leo’s fiery nature, and the two love socialising, enjoying the finer things in life, and making every day truly pleasurable.”

Libra’s represent those born between September 23 and October 22.

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