Lisa Vanderpump Still ‘Grieving’ Brother 1 Year After His Death & Wants To ‘Honor’ His ‘Legacy’

Lisa Vanderpump can’t believe it’s been a year since her late brother Mark Vanderpump’s tragic passing from suicide at the age of 59, and she’s hoping to use his life to help others struggling through hard times.

Lisa Vanderpump, 58, still has raw feelings after the shocking suicide death of her brother Mark Vanderpump at the age of 59, and even though Apr. 30 makes it a year since his passing, she’s allowing herself to patiently work through her emotions day by day and she’s making sure his legacy is and stays strong.

Lisa really can’t believe that it’s been a year since she lost her brother,” a source close to Lisa EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It seems like it was just yesterday she found out the horrible news of her only brother taking his life. Lisa took the news like anyone would and was at a complete loss and very devastated and sad trying to reason and figure it all out. She really was close to her brother and she misses him immensely and is going to take today to think about him and honor his life and remember all the good times. Its the least she can do.”

“She is going to take a lot of her grieving and leave it behind closed doors though because she doesn’t want to exploit it,” the source continued. “Every day since he passed she has been able to take a moment and think of him. Today will be no different as she will put everything to the forefront once again being that it’s the anniversary. She is going to miss him forever, she will mourn the loss every year the same. Years from now it still will be hard. You can never really change the outcome of your feelings with situations like this and she would like nothing more than to have her brother still be alive but now that he is gone she wants to honor him and help anyone out that might be in trouble.”

Lisa’s plans for helping others will most likely include sharing Mark’s story as a way to prevent people from doing what he did, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is already thinking about how she could make it all happen. “Lisa wants her brother to have a legacy, so she is looking to do something eventually in his honor, something special,” the source explained. “Whether that is in a charity fashion is still being determined. She is still feeling the impact of the loss, today is going to be rough but it will eventually get better somehow. Time is her friend and she is going to be in her own feelings today. She expects tears but she expects smiles while remembering Mark, it’s a grab bag of emotions that Lisa has to go through to heal and she is ready to take on everything that comes to her today.”

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