Little girl wears dress covered in photos of her baby brother to his funeral

Hallie-Mae only knew her baby brother for a few hours, but they still had time to form an incredible bond.

She was just 18 months old when Lucas-Jay took his final breath, but it was clear to see how much the brave little girl loved him.

So when the family had to say their final goodbyes tragically soon after his death, it seemed only right that she should carry the memories they shared with her at his funeral.

Hallie-Mae wore a beautiful dress covered in photos of the time they spend together for the somber day, and kissed one of the pictures of her little brother.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, her mum Jasmine, who lives in Blackpool, said: "She wore the dress with pride because she knew that it was her little baby brother.

"It made us feel like our baby boy was always with us and that he will always be with us even though he isn’t here.

"She loved how frilly it was and she kept point to his photos saying ‘aw baby!’ And even went to give his photo a kiss."

Hallie-Mae has a blanket which matches the dress that she cuddles for hours at a time.

Jasmine said: "She understands to a certain extent, she took to being his big sister straight away, she was there through every step.

"They both have a bond like no other.

"If we ask where Lucas is she’ll just instantly point to his shelf in our living room.

"She hasn’t been affected by it because we try to remain as positive as we can when we’re around her, even though we’re upset she hardly sees that she just sees the love we have for him and that’s really rubbed off on her too."

Jasmine, 23, and her partner Kyle Barton, 22, were told at their 20 week scan that Lucas-Jay only had half a working heart.

He was given a 50 per cent chance of survival so they decided to continue the pregnancy to give him a chance at life.

He was born on February 20 but suffered a cardiac arrest when he was just an hour old. Although his condition improved slightly he passed away when he was nine hours old.

Hallie-Mae made it to the hospital in time to meet her little brother and spent two hours with him before he passed.

Jasmine said: "It’s been the hardest year of our lives, without our daughter I don’t know how we would have gotten through it, she really has been our rock.

"On the day of his funeral she saw us upset in the family car, she was sat in the middle of us both and just reached out to grab both of our hands and never let go the entire journey.

"She really got us through that day and every other day through our journey.

"It feels like living two lives, one where you’re trying so desperately to be normal, where in reality you just feel empty. We visit our son every week and just sit with him for hours.

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