Magnum’s New "Double Tubs" Are Lined With Chocolate Shell All Around The Pint

If you’ve ever wished you could scoop a complete ice cream sundae directly out of a pint container, good news: Magnum’s new Double Tub ice cream pints essentially let you do exactly that. Combining the brand’s classic ice cream flavors and cracking chocolate shells with a whole bunch of dessert sauces like sea salt caramel and chocolate ganache, the Double Tub pints hold virtually everything you need to make the towering, frozen dessert of your dreams. The only thing that’s missing is the cherry on top — but that’s easily remedied.

Long known for their decadent, chocolate-covered ice cream bars and decidedly grown-up brand identity, Magnum introduced the Magnum Tub pints in 2018. What made these tubs unique was the way the Magnum ice cream bar format was adapted to fit into a pint container: To simulate how the original bar requires you to really crack into the chocolate with your teeth to get to the ice cream underneath, a thick chocolate shell was added to the top, bottom, and sides of the pint, requiring you to crack it either with a spoon or by squeezing the actual container (yes, really) in order to reach the ice cream.

Was the gimmick successful? Heck yes. Reviewers were generally in agreement that eating a Magnum Tub is quite a similar experience to eating a Magnum bar, with the added bonus of not having the risk of losing any chunks of chocolate due to, y’know, gravity while you enjoy your treat. All four flavors — Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and White Chocolate Vanilla — were well received, too. And riding on the coattails of the OG tubs’ success, a few additional flavors, including Milk Chocolate Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mint, got added to the line later on.

And now, they’ve upped the ante with Magnum Double Tubs. No, the tubs don’t have twice the amount of ice cream in them; they do, however, have tons of delightful-sounding desserts sauces swirled through them, and I, uh, want them all. There are four flavors to choose from: Magnum Double Sea Salt Caramel, which combines sea salt caramel sauce and milk chocolate shards with vanilla ice cream and wraps it all in a milk chocolate shell; Magnum Double Cookie Crumble, which features sweet cream ice cream, chocolate cookie sauce, milk chocolate shards, and a milk chocolate shell; Magnum Double Chocolate & Ganache which starts with chocolate ice cream and adds chocolate ganache, milk chocolate shards, and a chocolate shell; and Magnum Double Cherry Truffle, which swirls together cherry ice cream, cherry sauce, and milk chocolate shards within a milk chocolate shell.

Magnum isn’t the first ice cream brand to release what’s essentially a sundae-in-a-pint-container; indeed, the whole thing seems to be something of a trend. Just recently, Talenti released Talenti Gelato Layers, which each include five different layers made up of various sauces, toppings, and (of course) gelato flavors. What’s more, with even standard pints and quarts leaning more and more towards the overstuffed (hi there, Blue Bunny Chocolate Donut Ice Cream), it’s not just a Fancy Brand thing; it seems we just, uh, really like a little ice cream with our toppings.

And I am absolutely not complaining about it.

Anyway, Magnum’s new Double Tubs can be found in the ice cream aisles of most grocery stores’ freezer sections; they retail for about $4.49 to $5.999. You can find out if any retailers near you carry any given flavor by popping your ZIP code into the “Buy In Store” tool on each flavor’s individual product page.

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