Man dresses up as ‘flower dude’ to give guests free beers at wedding

Every wedding needs a flower boy but one bloke has redefined the role, transforming into "flower dude" with a beer fanny pack.

The man was filmed showing up with a row of ice cold beers strapped around his waist.

Wedding photographer Amy Brooke posted a video on TikTok to share the hilarious moment just before the bride walked down the aisle.

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"Instead of a flower girl, have a flower dude that hands out beer!" she said.

The viral clip shows Brent Roland dancing his way to greet the guests while holding four cans of beers.

With a floral crown on his head, the bearded man shows off his dance moves and gyrates rhythmically to the music.

The guests can't stop smiling as he makes his way down the aisle and hands out the beer to them.

"Just another day in the office," Brent teased.

Many viewers said it gave them ideas to throw an epic wedding, with one saying: "I will be doing this at my mate's wedding for sure."

"Wow! Taking romance to the next level!" a second wrote and a third suggested: "He could make a career out of this, someone hire him."

Brent replied to some of the comments, saying: "Booked two events already!"

Others noticed a female guest wiping her tears away when Brent showed up.

"The one lady crying in the corner because of the beer man, it's so beautiful," a viewer commented.

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Meanwhile, a woman was branded a "budget" bride-to-be as she shared ingenious ways to cut costs for her wedding.

Sian Taylor swaps expensive wedding cakes to £60 Krispy Kreme doughnuts so that every guests can enjoy more than just a bite of a cake.

She also ditches sending RSVP cards and asks guests to reply in text messages if they wish to attend her big day.


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