Man Goes Dining At Salt Bae’s New London Restaurant, Pays $321 As Service Charge

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The Turkish chef, Nusret Gökce, went viral a few years ago after a video of him was posted to Instagram. In the video, he elaborately sprinkles salt on an enormous cut of meat, allowing the salt to graze his forearm on its journey to the plate. He was immediately dubbed ‘Salt Bae’, and the video was shared by millions. Since then, Gökce has gone on to open 15 branches of his luxury steak house chain all over the world. However, opinions of him remain divided; while some loathing the chef’s over-the-top persona, others adore it.

“I was waiting a very long time but finally dream come true opening very soon Nusr-et London,” he wrote on Instagram, revealing his new steakhouse.

He posted videos and pictures showcasing the garish interior of his luxurious new eatery, which concluded with Salt Bae doing his trademark move.

Back then, it was the way he salted his steaks that left people amazed, but now it’s the appalling prices he’s demanding. A customer’s receipt has gone viral after totaling almost $2,500, with as much as $850 for a single steak.

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Made people took to social media to call the chef out for his $270 rack of lamb. Elsewhere on the receipt, the customers paid over $12 per glass of coke, $15 for a RedBull, and $136 for a burger.

“Honestly this needs to be a wake-up call. Absolutely ridiculous to spend this sort of money on a meal it’s just obscene,” a Twitter user wrote after the receipt made the rounds on Twitter. “He must think our money falls like his salt,” wrote another.

Others were quick to comment on the $321 service charge, with one writing, “It’s the fact they have the nerve to add service charge after serving food and drink at 3x the average price.”

With another posting, “Wow people are out here spending my entire bank balance in one night,” a third said, “the cheek to still charge service too! That’s a flight!”

The receipt does have one last surprise; keeping with Turkish tradition, the guests were given a complimentary tea.

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