Man recalls horror moment he heard toddler plunge to ground from Blackpool hotel

A man has told of the horrifying moment he found a toddler lying seriously hurt after falling from a hotel window.

Kevin Twiss was cooking breakfast just before 9am today when he heard a crying noise.

Despite the fact it "sounded awful", the 35-year-old says he didn't think anything of it at first.

After the noise continued, Kevin peered out of a window and was shocked to see an injured toddler who it is understood fell 30ft from a second-storey window.

He used a ladder to clamber over a wall into the next-door yard, where the two-year-old was lying hurt.

After no initial sign of the girl's parents, Kevin, whose wife runs the neighbouring Lumada Hotel in Blackpool, then shouted up to a window 'get out, your baby's on the floor'.

The girl's father raced downstairs and attempted to kick open a side gate to get to his daughter.

Kevin passed the child through a gap in the gate to her father, who then took the girl back into the Rooms Inn in Albert Road.

The child sustained a number of fractures and was flown by air ambulance to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool where she remains in a serious condition.

Kevin said: "I looked out of the side window and couldn't see anything, and then I heard it again and when I looked outside.

"That was when I saw the child on the floor.

"I wondered if I was seeing it right.

"I ran outside and when the parents weren't there I shouted up to them.

"From there I jumped over the wall and wasn't sure what to do and I picked her up, and at that point, the father started trying to kick the gate open to get to the child, so I passed her through a gap in the gate, and from there that was it.

"He took the child and went back into the hotel and we phoned an ambulance.

"It was just so quick. I picked her up and her dad was there, so I passed her straight over.

"It was a horrible thing and I'm just praying that we don't hear any bad news. I just hope she's alright."

Kevin's wife Wendy, 44, added: "It must've been about 8.35am or 8.40am. We could hear a noise. It sounded awful.

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