‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Soulja Boy Attacks Nia Riley In The Middle Of The Night

Yikes! The Feb. 28 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ turned violent when Soulja Boy jumped on Nia and got physical with her while trying to take her phone.

Trouble in paradise? A fight between Soulja Boy and Nia Riley broke out during the Feb. 28 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, leaving everyone in the house completely shocked! The physical altercation happened in the middle of the night, when everyone else was asleep, and Soulja Boy started accusing Nia of embarrassing him on TV. She kept yelling at him to be quiet, while she stared at her phone. And that irritated him so badly that he jumped out of bed, charged at her, and then jumped on top of her while trying to grab her phone from her. Nia started screaming and the entire house woke up and came running to see what was going on. Fortunately Soulja Boy and Nia’s housemates broke up the fight because who knows what else would have happened.

Dr. Ish and Dr. V also intervened and told Soulja Boy that under no circumstances can he get physical with Nia again. Nia then told Dr. V that she was so scared and had no idea what Soulja Boy was going to do to her. The incident also reminded her of being assaulted when she was younger, so the entire scenario freaked her out. Dr. V then suggested that Nia seek a support group once she leaves the house, so she can further deal with the trauma she experienced at a younger age. And after their talks with the doctors, Soulja Boy and Nia seemed to make up. He told her he loved her and they hugged it out. We, of course, love a good apology, but if we were Nia we wouldn’t have been so quick to accept one. No one should ever attack their partner.

Later, the couples faced a dangerous challenge when half of them had to get a cup of honey from a bee colony. It was fun to watch, but when the ones who partook in the challenge found out their partners had a say in whether they were responsible for retrieving the honey or not, emotions ran high. Tiffany became the most upset because Lil’ Fizz had made the decision to have her do the dangerous task before he knew what it was. The honey snatchers were later gifted with foot rubs, but Tiffany didn’t want Lil’ Fizz touching her feet. Especially after she learned what he had done.

Finally, Karl apologized to Lil’ Mo for all the pain he caused her throughout their relationship.

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