Marvel Star Chris Hemsworth To Launch New Fitness & Wellness App

Marvel personality Chris Hemsworth, who plays the hammer-wielding Avenger Thor, is about to let fans in on his training regime by means of his own fitness app.

The app, called Centr, features workouts, meal plans, and “mindfulness exercises” all endorsed by the man from Asgard himself (he isn’t really, but it’s cooler that way).

“As one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris is known for diverse roles that require dynamic physical transformation,” a statement from the Hollywood star’s website reads. “He attributes much of his success to a healthy lifestyle backed by a team of world-class experts in fitness, nutrition and wellness. With Centr, his team is now your team.”


Hemsworth’s app is set to drop on February 4 and will be available for iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s based on a central feed which provides a weekly planner. Users can see new workouts, meditation videos, and recipes via said feed but will also be able to swap out activities they’d rather not do.

Centr‘s exercise portal is made up of 20 or 40-minute workout sessions which can be done at home or at a gym. Workouts include boxing, yoga, high-intensity interval training, strength training and a host of other activities. New videos will be released on a weekly basis.

“I believe we all have untapped potential,” Hemsworth says. “And we all need support to achieve our goals. Centr puts the world’s best in the palm of your hand, to help you develop a healthier body, stronger mind, and a happier life.”

As there’s much more to the app than just instructions and plans for physical activity, Centr will offer guided meditations, confidence-building exercises and “sleep visualizations” for dealing with stress.

Hemsworth developed the application with his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, and several Hollywood trainers. The cast also includes a Hollywood stuntman, a NAVY SEAL, yoga and pilates instructors, a psychotherapist and a meditation expert, among others.

Given the stacked crew, the app is not cheap and it definitely isn’t free. Pre-ordered subscriptions cost $15.99 a month, that’s with a limited offer of a 20 percent discount for “founding members”. A three-month subscription is currently at $37.99 while a year would cost $95.99.

If you ever wanted to look like Thor, here’s your chance. Yes, Centr is a bit pricey; but it’s cheaper than a gym membership and it’s developed by an Avenger. He wants us all to assemble.

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