McDonald’s faces nationwide item shortage – and customers aren’t happy

McDonald’s is experiencing food shortages at the moment – much to punters' horror.

As certain menu items are really popular, stock has been running low nationwide.

Some have struggled to get hold of Chicken Selects, Big Flavour Chicken Wraps and Chicken Deluxe Burgers.

So according to MEN, they’ve taken to Twitter to air their frustration.

One Maccies fan tweeted: “McDonalds having no Chicken Selects is the only real national crisis going on currently.”

Another joked: "McDonald's ay, ay, ay sort it out. Got no Chicken Selects, kids are crying. Wife livid, thank God my Nan and Grandad aren't alive to witness this."

A third wrote: “No Chicken Selects ANYWHERE!! First, yesterday, my 500 mile journey down the M6… not one service station had them!

“NOW, back at work after a week off and the McDs by the office doesn't either!!!

“Not here for a Chicken Select shortage!”

In an ill-fated attempt to dodge the uproar, McDonalds daringly asked on Twitter: “Chicken McNuggets on your mind?”

But this didn’t do much to ease the tension.

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A commenter said: “No – Chicken Selects are. Get them back on the menu.”

And another wrote: “Had a BBQ bacon and chicken wrap on my mind, shortage of selects at all local NI branches??? What’s happening.”

Thankfully, there’s no need to fret about the menu item disappearing for a long period of time.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are working incredibly hard to get this popular menu item back on sale in our restaurants.

"We know some customers will be disappointed to hear this news, and we would like to apologise for the short term inconvenience."

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