McDonald's fans only have 12 days left to order a double quarter pounder with cheese

FANS of McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese have just under two weeks left to order it.

After an eight year absence the fast food chain brought back the popular burger to its menu earlier this month.

But after September 24 it will disappear again, meaning there's just 12 days left to order it.

Its made up of two burgers, two cheese slices, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles and a bun.

But, it is definitely a big eat and not for the faint hearted at 750 cals and 20g saturated fat.

Dedicated Maccies fans may be able to still order the burger off its "secret" menu  – but it will cost £6.98, rather than £4.29

But you'll only be able to order it at the discretion of staff, so it's not guaranteed.

Thankfully the fast food chain hasn't ruled out bringing it back.

A spokesperson told The Sun: "It’s been INCREDIBLY popular, so if we hear from customers that they want it back it would be hard to ignore."

You can use McDonald's store locator to find your nearest restaurant.

Last month, McDonald's announced it would be launching mini outlets with reduce menus to make customer service speedier.

The chain also pleased fast food lovers when it announced it would be extending breakfast hours in 115 restaurants.

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