‘Mean’ mum takes away daughter’s clothes and toys after she failed to clean room

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A mum has turned her daughter's room into a "mini jail" to punish her for not cleaning her room in a parenting approach that has divided the internet.

Calling herself a "mean mum", Holly said she had given her daughter Trinity a deadline to tidy up her room but realised it was still left in a mess.

In the viral video seen 27 million times, she shows the eight-year-old's room on camera and reveals piles of clothes gathered on the floor.

Holly says: "Today we are turning my child's room into a tiny mini jail.

"I know this will probably p*** a couple of Gen Z's off, but this is how we're going to do it in my house.

"We have given my daughter a week's notice to clean her room, she's a pre-teen, she knows how to clean. We've trained her to clean."

As she pans the phone camera across the room, there is a pair of shoes placed on top of the writing desk and the bed is filled with blankets and unworn clothes.

In one corner there is a stack of toys, with some seen hanging from the boxes on a shelf.

The room is filled with bags of clothes on the floor with little to no space to walk.

"She had a deadline today at 12pm and she is outside playing instead," the exhausted mum explains.

"So, we're taking away all of her clothes, all of her toys, all of her makeup, all of her fun stuff.

"All she has left is her books, her shoes and we're going to pick one outfit a day for her to wear and she has to wear it and that's about it."

Holly and her husband clear the clutter in the bedroom and keep all her shoes in a small cabinet by the wardrobe.

But they remove all the clothes in all drawers as a punishment.

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"She'll get her stuff back in increments and I'm going to go through most of her toys and get rid of a lot of them," Holly adds.

"But until then, this is how it's going to be because I'm tired of speaking over and over again about cleaning and she just doesn't."

In a follow-up video, she asked how Trinity was feeling when she learned of the new arrangement.

The young girl said she cried a lot but learned not to "destroy" her room and will keep it clean so that she won't lose everything.

Holly's parenting approach sparked a huge debate in the comments section, with some saying it went too far.

“This made me so unbelievably upset,” one wrote.

Another asked: “I don’t know what you all are thinking but this is not okay I mean seriously? Jail? What’s next no food? I understand taking away her toys but clothes?”

And a third suggested: “Why not sit down with her and tidy it with her? I could never do this to my child it’s so upsetting.”

Others applauded the tactic though, using their own experiences as evidence.

"As a gen Z raised with parents like this – Thank you," a supporter added. "I am so much more disciplined than my friends."

Another said: "Good for you mama. It’s called discipline. There’s nothing wrong with that. We live in a house if I have to tell you more than twice you lose privileges.”

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