Meghan Markle body language ‘different’ as she tries to show ‘true self’ in latest speech

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Meghan Markle appeared virtually from her home as she made a 15 minute speech at the summit. During the rare appearance, she opened up about her experiences with the digital world.

Meghan has mostly kept a low-profile over the last few months as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

However, she appeared via video link where she spoke with journalist Ellen McGirt.

A post on the Fortune website described her segment, stating: “Our experiences online shape our communities offline.

“How do we build—and rebuild—our digital world? What’s the true price we pay if we don’t?”

Commenting on her body language and speaking style, Judi suggested there was a notable shift in her delivery compared to recent appearances.

She told “This is a rather different Meghan from the one we have during some of her recent appearances, where she has been sporting a more ethereal, ‘guru’ style of delivery, sitting straight on to camera and speaking in a way that suggests she is passing on her wisdom.

“This Meghan appears more casual, with an elbow up on the sofa cushion and her shirt sleeves rolled up.

“And with a delivery that suggests a mix of defensiveness and regret at some of the things that have been said about her.”

During the short speech, Judi said the mother-of-one may have opened up about her personal experiences more than she has previously.

The Duchess of Sussex commented on what she has been through as she spoke about the digital world.

“At times she looks away and shakes her head, performing a mouth-shrug at the thought of some of the online attacks,” the expert continued.

“She speaks of having been ‘in tears’ and even explains why one of her talks was ‘not polished’.

“Perhaps the royal mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’ might have been more useful to her than we’d thought as it does sound from this as though she has been taking unjust criticism to heart, as her speeches have always been well-delivered and powerful.”

By referencing her own experiences, the expert said she may have shown her vulnerable side.

But her body language, Judi explained, still showed the confidence Meghan has regularly portrayed in public.

Judi added: “Her words might suggest some vulnerability but Meghan’s body language is still intrinsically confident though.

“The arm-splay suggests a desire to show power and her verbal delivery is – apart from some dramatic pauses to frame her thoughts or to picture the problems she is describing – wordy and delivered with strength.

“One of her themes here seems to be ‘authenticity’ and in some ways this clip seems to endorse what is rumoured to be a desire to show her true self to the public.”

By opening up about her experiences, the expert claimed the royal could be hoping to show another side of herself.

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