Meghan Markle Has ‘Dodged’ Difficult Pregnancy Symptoms, Looks As Glamorous As Ever

Meghan Markle is now six months pregnant and about to reach the 40-week milestone. While many expecting mothers are all too familiar with the difficult pregnancy symptoms that generally accompany the third trimester, the Duchess of Sussex seems to have been blessed with an easy pregnancy, notes Express.

According to the British media outlet, the royal mother-to-be appears to have “dodged” some of the crippling symptoms of pregnancy and looks as glamorous as ever. Unlike Kate Middleton, who struggled with extremely challenging pregnancy symptoms while carrying all of her three children, Markle has reportedly managed to evade the more grueling aspects of being pregnant.

The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t seem to be plagued by severe nausea or bothered by swollen ankles as the third trimester looms in. Though as much as 50 percent of expecting mothers have trouble dealing with morning sickness, water retention, and swollen feet, Markle carries on performing her royal duties with the same ease as before and has given no sign of any awful conditions throughout her pregnancy.

The 37-year-old royal has actually increased her workload despite being heavily pregnant, showing off her baby bump at numerous social events. In fact, the Duchess of Sussex is still seen wearing gorgeous sky-high stilettos on her public appearances, as she flaunts her slender ankles and looks positively radiant.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge has been less fortunate during her pregnancies. Middleton was diagnosed with a pregnancy complication called hyperemesis gravidarum while expecting each of her three children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — whom Duchess Kate shares with Prince William. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the condition is characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and possible dehydration.

The crippling condition forced Middleton to withdraw her participation from a number of select public functions. For Markle, however, being pregnant has not stopped her from attending any public arrangements, with the exception of one rest break during her recent tour of Australia.

In addition, the royal mother-to-be has remained as agile as ever, despite sprouting quite a prominent baby bump.

“Expectant mothers are bound to have trouble bending towards the later part of their pregnancy, which is only natural as the bump increases in size,” notes The Express.

The Duchess of Sussex, however, looks as though she is free of uncomfortable backaches and doesn’t seem to be affected by pressure on her knees and hips, as she is often photographed “crouching down to meet her younger fans.”

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, are currently preparing for the arrival of the royal baby by decorating the nursery at their new family home, Frogmore House. The couple has opted for a “gender-free” nursery and is decorating its walls with vegan paint, the Inquisitr reported earlier today.

As she eases into her third trimester, Markle should soon experience new pregnancy symptoms. This includes the baby bump dropping, also called lightening, which marks the beginning of the baby’s descent toward the mother’s lower pelvis.

Last week, Markle let it slip that her due date is in April, as reported by the Inquisitr. Since the bump dropping is known to occur a few weeks before actual labor begins, the Duchess of Sussex still has some time to enjoy the comforts of a smooth pregnancy.

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