Meghan Markle Shares A Hug With An Instagram Follower During Christmas Walk

While she may be one of the most well-known women in the word, Meghan Markle is still showing fans that she’s incredibly down to earth.

On her way to a church service on Christmas morning, Markle recognized a familiar face in the crowd that was waiting to catch a glimpse of her as she walked down the street to mass. According to People, there was a young woman named Jess in the crowd — and she used to follow Markle on Instagram when she was an actress on Suits. According to the report, she and Meghan used to exchange messages on the social media platform from time to time, but had not yet met in person.

Since she’s been linked to Prince Harry, Markle famously deleted her Instagram account and has gone off the social media grid. But, all this time later, Markle apparently still recognized Jess in the crowd –and took time out of her day to give her a hug and say hello. The experience meant so much to Jess that she shared photos of the reunion on her Instagram account along with a sweet caption that told her followers how much Markle’s hug meant to her.

“Today was an absolute dream.I’m so glad I decided to watch Suits many years ago because it meant I discovered this kind-hearted, caring soul who I’d become to love so much. thank you for everything in the past couple years – I’ll never forget it – from the conversations about social issues + chatting to each other about your blog and your love for food. I love you always.”

This report comes after another one that suggests that Prince Harry has changed since being married to Meghan. As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, many sources close to the royal couple say that Harry has been having a tough time finding his own niche at Kensington Palace. Where Prince William’s role as the future King of England is already defined, Harry’s isn’t — and his focus is on charity work instead. But something has been off with him since he tied the knot.

“He has been really standoffish and grumpy lately. Something has changed and no one can quite put their finger on it. He looks cross with the world.”

Another source shares that Meghan is very ambitious, and that she gets frustrated when she is told that she can’t do something. In turn, Prince Harry gets frustrated that he cannot keep Meghan away from “negativity and harm,” which causes him a lot of stress.

Hopefully with time, both Meghan and Harry get used to their roles in the royal family. For now, the couple anxiously await the arrival of their first child, whom is expected to be born this spring.

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