Meghan Markle’s lavish baby shower could cost her with tax bill sting

Being a successful actor, fully-fledged celebrity and newly-minted royal, Meghan Markle’s baby shower was perhaps never going to be a subdued affair.

Much has been made of the cost, the private jet journey, the Hollywood guest list and the publicity it commanded.

But very little is known about the gifts the mum-to-be received.

This is believed to be because Meghan sweetly opted to open her presents with Prince Harry – but there could be a sting in the tail in store.

Specifically, there could be a large tax bill awaiting her, depending on the value of the gifts she received.

Gifts with a value exceeding £11,500 are liable to be heavily taxed, warns Katherine Welch, an LA-based accountant.

Katherine told the Daily Star: "Fortunately, there is no upper limit on the value of gifts spouses can give to one another, so anything very personal she has from Prince Harry won’t have to be declared."

Although the law is clear on what the parameters are, this isn’t your average mum-to-be, and Katherine points out this scenario could be more complex than previously thought.

She added: "To be honest given that this is such a unique situation with an American royal living in England, it might eventually take politicians on both sides of the pond to sort this one out, rather than accountants."

Let’s hope those gifts cost less than £11,500 each…

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