Meghan underestimated how far down Hollywood ‘pecking order’ she’d be

Prince Harry and Meghan may be ‘too toxic’ says Hewson

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TV presenter Nick Ede claims to have been friends with the now-Duchess long before she ever met Prince Harry. The royal expert asked Meghan to host the London Global Gift Gala at ME Hotel on November 19, 2013, and claims they remained friends for a few years after.

Nick said: “She flew in and we became really good friends. You know, we had a really nice, fun, good relationship. And we’re friends for a few years.”

The pair fell out of touch after the former actor met Prince Harry, he claimed. Nick told the Express he believes Meghan and Harry may have underestimated how much cache they would have in the world of Hollywood.

Nick, who is the presenter of The Royal Agenda on Royalty TV and The Royal Box for Yahoo!, said: “I think it’s quite interesting to have known her to now see what it’s like in LA for her. I’ve got lots of friends who live there, who know what their reputation is like and it’s changed a lot.”

He went on: “I think the thing is that you forget that in Hollywood royalty isn’t somebody with a title. It’s J.Lo, it’s Sharon Stone, it’s Beyonce, it’s the Kardashians. That’s their royalty.

“And also the Obamas or Clintons. If you’ve been in office, apart from Trump, then you’re seen as being a top dog. I think they have underestimated that in many ways.”

Nick said: “I think they came in and thought that the number one people on the block and they’re not really.

“They’re kind of quite far down really in that pecking order. And I think that’s been an issue with them, in that sense of stepping down.”

Outside of the UK, the US has its own form of royalty. Historic families hold much power, wealth, and political influence.

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In 2017 Vanity Fair listed the 25 most important families in Hollywood, which have long legacies and enormous net worths.

They listed the Coppola family, well-known members of which include director Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia Coppola, also a director. Actor Nicolas Cage is also a member of the influencial family.

The Barrymores are another, with perhaps the most contemporary member being actor Drew Barrymore. The family has been involved in making movies since 1874.

Other recognisable family names in the list include the Fonda family, the Murdochs, the Smiths, and the Baldwins.

Meghan and Harry currently live in the swanky community of Montecito, counting Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, and Adele among their neighbours. The couple has been spotted in public rarely since their move to the US.

In December the couple attended the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Gala at the New York Hilton, invited by organiser Kerry Kennedy. Here the couple spoke on stage while receiving an award for tackling systemic racism.

The last time the pair were seen in public prior to that event was at the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022.

Prince Harry has also had global commercial success with his autobiography Spare.

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