Meghan’s pregnancy wardrobe said to cost seven times what Kate Middleton’s did

When you on track to have one of the highest-profile pregnancies of all time, there's (wrongly) a certain amount of pressure to look immaculate.

So now Baby Sussex is here, we hope Meghan Markle is enjoying roomy, elasticated clothes and comfy slippers because her maternity outfits , while incredible, aren't what we'd describe as "cosy" in the traditional sense of the word.

Being a public figure with a keen sense of style, Meghan's appearances while pregnant showed her as polished, confidant and impeccable.

While there were a couple of high street items showcased, for the most part, Meghan's maternity wear was high-end – and had the price tag to match.

According to Meghan's top brands during her pregnancy have been Aquazzura, Givenchy, Stuart Weitzman and Outland Denim.

Her 75 public appearance outfits are believed to have cost a cool £362,895.

This figure is said to be seven times the amount the Duchess of Cambridge spent on her pregnancy wardrobe.

Before many of you work yourselves up, it's believed the tax paying public do NOT foot her and Kate Middleton's clothes bill.

As well as having wealth in her own right, Meghan's wardrobe will also be paid for out of a privy income provided by Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall.

And among her purchases for postpartum life, we hope there are some cosy pyjamas.

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