Michael Imperioli is Checking Into ‘The White Lotus’

The White Lotus was the perfect quarantine show. When you were sitting at home, wishing more than anything that you could be somewhere else, maybe even at a tropical resort, The White Lotus came along to remind you that, actually, your very own home is very nice (and, hopefully, free of snarky Gen Z mean girls). With an all star cast of Jennifer Coolidge, Connie Britton, and Sydney Sweeney, every week writer, creator, and director Mike White left us laughing while simultaneously gripping the edge of our seat. Since then, nothing has come along to truly fill the pineapple suit-sized hole in our heart, but that’s OK, because The White Lotus is coming back for a second round and there are enough rooms for all of us. Here’s what we know so far about season two of the show.

What will season two be about?

If you’re expecting to head back to Hawaii, think again. According to Deadline, season two will bring us to another White Lotus property (imagine it as a chain, like the Ritz Carlton of Four Seasons), somewhere else in the world, to tell more stories about the guests staying there. As of now, we don’t know where we will be staying when we “check-in” for another six-part installment, but considering White is on board once again, we can assume it will be an equally hilarious and haunting stay. So far there have been no hints, though White did tell Vanity Fair in July that he was thinking about somewhere like France or Japan. Perhaps a crossover with Emily in Paris? Emily could honestly use a stay at the White Lotus to snap her into reality.

Who will be in the cast?

Something tells us that anyone who stayed at the White Lotus last season will not be returning to any of their other properties ever again. It seems like, most likely, we will be getting a whole new cast for season two, though it’s already shaping up to be a good one. It was just announced that Sopranos star, Michael Imperioli, will be leading the new group of guests as the star of the show’s second season. According to Deadline, he will play Dominic Di Grasso, “a man traveling with his elderly father and recent college-graduate son.” As of now, Imperioli is the only cast member to be confirmed.

And if there was one guest who would ever consider going to another White Lotus property, it’s of course Jennifer Cooolidge’s Tanya McQuoid. Coolidge has been rumored to be returning for the second season, but as of now, nothing has been confirmed. Hopefully, she takes Belinda with her.

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