Michelle Pfeiffer launches '100% transparent' fine fragrance

Michelle Pfeiffer is creating a clean way to spritz on scents with her new line of fragrances called Henry Rose.

The Henry Rose collection has five fragrances that have all been confirmed by Environmental Working Group (EWG), as being free of chemicals that can be harmful. EWG is a nonprofit activist group that identifies harmful chemicals found in household products, and these new scents meet the strict standards of the organization.

“I set out to see if it was possible to develop a line of fine fragrances proving you don’t need to sacrifice quality and sophistication for safety. And we did it,” Pfeiffer said on the brand’s website.

Created in collaboration with 130-year-old brand International Flavors and Fragrances, the Henry Rose line includes five eau de parfums that all retail for $120. They all have intriguing names such as Jake’s House, Last Light, and Dark Is Night.

Pfeiffer admits it wasn’t the easiest quest toward creating a EWG Verified fragrance. “It was a huge challenge for everyone, especially our perfumers,” she says on the website. “I was demanding the same level of mastery and quality as other fine fragrances, while also limiting the palette of ingredients that they typically formulate with from 3,000 to about 300.” 

The “Batman Returns” star has vowed to be 100 percent transparent about what ingredients are in her Henry Rose scents. “I really, really loved perfume, but because I couldn’t be sure it was safe, I gave it up for 10 years,” Pfeiffer said in an interview with Vogue.

Now, Pfeiffer has a sustainable scent she can feel good about spritizing on and others can too.

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