Michelle Wolf Reveals About What It Was Like To Be ‘Trolled’ By President Donald Trump On Twitter

Calls him a coward for skipping the Correspondents Dinner

Michelle Wolf opened up to British television host Russell Howard about what it was like to be trolled by the president of the United States. Forbes reports that the 33-year-old comedian recalled the surreal exchange, saying that it was “weird” to be attacked by someone for doing a job she was hired to do.

On November 20, Trump wrote a tweet that criticized Wolf’s performance hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner when it was announced that biographer Ron Chernow would host the 2019 dinner. He said that she “bombed” so bad that the dinner decided to try an author instead of a comedian.

Wolf doesn’t have Twitter on her phone, so she didn’t know about the tweet until her friends started texting her to alert her.

“I was out at a show in Brooklyn and I get all these text messages that the president had tweeted about me,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Well I can’t do anything about this. I’m like 45 minutes away from my apartment!’”

Wolf says that it was strange when critics on the right called her out for her vulgar performance after supporting a person who claimed to grab women by their genitals.

“It’s a real weird line to be on,” added Wolf.

“I think part of it might be because I’m a lady. I said ‘p***y’ and they were like, ‘How dare she! That’s only for men to say.’”

She also said that Trump was a coward for not showing up for the correspondence dinner, remarking that he was the only president to miss an appearance at the dinner except for Ronald Reagan, who had just been shot. Reagan did, however, call into the dinner from his hospital room.

Wolf talked about the aftermath of the dinner, saying that the amount of attention she got as a result of the exchange was incredible. An alt-right newspaper apparently created an entire story saying that the comedian had pled guilty to bestiality and paid a fine of $1,500.

After seeing Trump’s tweet, Wolf responded with a quip of her own referencing the controversy of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Later in the interview, Howard commented that he didn’t think that Wolf came across as a “typical” feminist in her comedy. She responded saying that she just wanted women to be able to be just as bad as men, joking that for a moment she hoped that the pipe bombs sent by Cesar Sayoc were sent by a woman.

“I want women to be equal. I want us to be just as good as men, but also just as sh***y,” said Wolf.

“Get out there, women. Be evil!”

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