Miley Cyrus revamps ‘Santa Baby’ lyrics for today: ‘A girl’s best friend is equal pay’

Miley Cyrus wanted to give modifying the lyrics to “Santa Baby” a shot, and really that’s not a lot in 2018. 

During a “Tonight Show” skit Thursday the singer expressed her dissatisfaction with the words of the song written in 1953. The vegan objected to Saint Nick slipping a sable under the tree and wondered: “Am I saying that I’m gonna hook up with Santa if he buys me all this stuff?” 

With Jimmy Fallon’s encouragement to “do it however makes you comfortable,” Cyrus performed her reworked version. 

“Santa baby, I don’t need any fancy jewelry – not me,” she sang. “I’ve got something else in mind, Santa baby, and I don’t need your presents tonight.”

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