Miley Cyrus Wore a Super Revealing Outfit on 'SNL' Last Night and Twitter Is Losing It

So last night Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live, and performed their new song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” And while they did an amazing job with the music, people are totally losing it over one of Miley’s outfits, which was revealing to say the least.

Miley wore a open Gucci jacket with no shirt underneath, leaving many to wonder how the heck the jacket was staying on her boobs. Here’s the ‘fit in action:

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson delivered such an iconic performance last night on SNL. She served looks, beauty and VOCALS

And a few more pics:

@MileyCyrus does @nbcsnl

Twitter obviously had lots of thoughts and commentary about her outfit, ranging from commending Miley for her bravery and trust in boob tape:

How in the world is @MileyCyrus wearing that coat with no shirt underneath and not having one nip slip 🤔 #brave #SNL

I have never trusted anything in my life as much as @MileyCyrus is trusting that double-sided tape. #SNL

I wish I trusted anything as much as @MileyCyrus is trusting this boob tape right now. #snl

To jokes about her lack of a shirt:

Censor guy sitting at the button during the Miley Cyrus performance like…#SNL

Me watching Miley Cyrus waiting for a wardrobe malfunction #SNL

NBC censors watching that #SNL Miley Cyrus performance be like…

So Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing a shirt #Snl

Miley Cyrus’s nipples are holding on that jacket the way my soul is holding onto my sanity. #SNL

And general confusion:

[email protected] is singing, but we are all watching and wondering how that double sided tape is holding that open jacket in place… #SNL

Miley Cyrus’s jacket. Glue? Duct tape? What is happening? #snl

Personally, I’m just hoping that the whole unzipped-jacket-with-no-shirt thing doesn’t become a trend, because TBH it’s too cold in New York right now for me to wear anything other than a sweater, puffy coat, and big scarf. But still, snaps to Miley for rocking the heck out of that jacket!

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