Model ‘not cut out for normal job’ sells sexy snaps instead & earns £19k weekly

Heidi Grey used to earn a living by working in hospitality.

She held down a handful of restaurant jobs and was briefly employed in the sales department of a tile company.

But as the 22-year-old realised it was too much like “hard work”, she decided the traditional 9-5 grind wasn’t for her.

The Arizona-based model said: "I’m not cut out for a normal job.

“I’m a pretty weird person with a fun extra personality, so I just felt like an outcast in those professional business jobs.

“I quit as soon as they asked me to work at weekends.”

Heidi, from Scottsdale, now earns money by posting sexy pictures to her Instagram page @heidi.grey.

She boasts 2.2 million followers on the app – and also has large followings on adult websites Nudiez and OnlyFans.

On the X-rated platforms, she shares sexual videos of herself.

The influencer revealed: "I’m extremely sexual. But at the same time, my mind is always thinking about the business.

"I meet girls all the time that want to sleep with me but my first thought is 'are they willing to be filmed while doing it?'

"I don’t know if that’s wrong of me but hey why not kill two birds with one stone.”

The dramatic career change has certainly been good for Heidi’s bank account.

She revealed: “Right now I earn $15,000 a week from Nudiez, and an extra $10,000 a week or so from OnlyFans.”

The Instagram star has used some of this money to invest in her looks.

In recent years, she’s had boob jobs and designer vagina surgery.

Heidi admitted: “I’ve had lots of work done. Some people think it’s amazing that I’m 22, and I’ve already been under the knife four times already.”

The influencer added: ”Contrary to what any Karen or Boomer reading this will say, I’ve known what I wanted to get done since I was aged 14.

“I made a list, and I told my close friends, and that was it. By 21 I had all three surgeries in the bag, plus another boob job, so a total of four.

“I’m now a 32DDD and I LOVE it.”

Heidi has spent a total of £9,755 on her two breast enhancement procedures to go from a basic B cup to a voluptuous 550cc.

She’s also splashed £5,370 on fillers and Botox, as well as £6,750 on a labiaplasty.

Heidi is happy with the results of her plastic surgery – and her boyfriend seems to approve of it too.

The internet celebrity is dating a man who is 29 years her senior but insists he’s not a sugar daddy.

She gushed: “He truly is my biggest fan, the first to tell me how beautiful that raunchy photo is that I just posted on IG, the first to tell me he’s proud of me, the first to really care about my work and be involved.

"I’ve gotten my best ideas from him, and I don’t think I can find anyone more supportive than this man…

“Most people mistake him to be my sugar daddy but he’s my legit boyfriend. He also spoils me like crazy which I do the same back. So it works!”

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