Model with H cup boobs ‘can’t see toes’ after spending £58k on extreme surgery

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A model who is addicted to plastic surgery has said she “can’t see her toes” after spending a whopping £58,000 on alterations to her body.

Yvonne Bar, who once complained because she couldn’t get a boyfriend due to her breasts being so large, has been under the knife so often that she has to sleep in a sports bra to support her H cups.

The 26-year-old influencer, from Frankfurt, Germany, has spent £58,000 over the years on procedures.

And, it all started in her childhood when she felt insecure in her body and was bullied for her looks.

The former investment banker claims people called her a “tomboy” and said she had “stuck on nipples”.

So, since 2013, Yvonne has had four boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and lip and chin fillers.

Recently, the model went back to the surgical table and boosted her breasts to an H cup.

Yvonne showed off the results to her 3million followers on Instagram, @Yvonne_Bar_.

However, despite loving her new look, the model claims that large breasts come with their own set of difficulties.

She explained: “I can't see my toes when I look down.

"Some tasks are difficult, especially if it requires me to move a lot or fast. For example, running is very difficult and is painful sometimes."

She added: “My neck sometimes hurts because my implants are very heavy.

“I wear a sports bra mostly during the day and always at night for support.”

Luckily, thanks to Yvonne’s OnlyFans account she can afford whatever expensive underwear she likes.

She makes more cash now than she ever did as a banker – but her boobs do sometimes affect her love life.

Yvonne said: “It’s very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship and I would really like one but I think I scare good guys off.

“I attract guys that either want arm candy or ones that are famous and rich – but are players. I want something real."

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Yvonne noted: “I feel like I have to prove myself and that I’m a good person with moral standards.

“People can’t believe that, just because I have big boobs, which is crazy.

“I’ve also lost many friends because of my plastic surgery decisions.

“But to the people who judge me, what I’d say is: ‘everything I’ve done, I’ve done for myself.’”

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