More Americans Are Inching Closer To Obesity

It’s been a joke for a long time, Americans are overweight. Yet it’s also something that’s a clear issue and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

According to the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) data for body metrics, the average American is close to being obese. In fact, they’re also heavier than at the start of the twenty-first century. This means that there must be some form of change in lifestyle that is causing such a change.

The average American male weighs 198 pounds and stands at  5-feet, 9-inches. In terms of a woman, it’s 171 pounds, and she stands at  5-feet, 4-inches. With that in mind, for men, what’s considered overweight is anything between  169 and 202 pounds. Women are considered overweight within 140 and 174 pounds. In both cases, if the individual weighs more, they’re technically obese. This is compared to 189.1 pounds and 163.6, during the start of the century.

According to Bloomberg Quint, American men gained around nine pounds but managed to stay the same when looking at their height. What this does is increase their waistline by an inch and a half to 40 inches. For women, the average individual gained 2.4 inches at the waistline.

This all has some health risks as well. Both type two diabetes and heart diseases become an increased factor when a waistline is larger than 40 inches for men and 35 for women. This means two things, that if something doesn’t change soon, it’s possible that these illnesses become more common in society. It also means an ultimate increase in healthcare costs, which many people don’t like to hear about.

The body mass index (BMI) is one way that is used to determine if someone is overweight or not. In short, it’s a measure of body fat that’s based on height and weight. A person is considered obese at 30 or higher on the BMI chart. The normal BMI stands between  18.5 and 24.9. With that in mind, the BMI is sitting at 29.1 for men and 29.6 for women. This is yet another increase, more specifically, an increase from  27.8  and 28.2 respectively.

There is a solution though,  a general public push towards trying to be healthier in terms of eating better foods and exercising for the recommended amount of time daily could lead to these stats being improved on over time.

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