More Than 9 To 5: The Projects Dolly Parton Invests In Besides Her Music

Dolly Parton is one of the most recognized country stars of all time. She has an unmistakable, signature sound, and a personality that is larger than life. Her career has spanned over decades, and generations of fans have grown up to the sweet sounds of her music.

At the age of 75, and with an astounding net worth of $650 million, most would assume that Dolly Parton would kick up her feet and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a relaxing pace, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, Dolly Parton boasts a number of successful business ventures, which she continues to oversee and be actively involved in. Biz Journals reports that Dolly Parton shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, this passionate artist continues to amaze her fans with her boundless energy, and her brilliant business-minded approach that continues to generate millions of dollars for the star, each year.

4 Dolly Parton’s Ice Cream

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One of the greatest success stories to have come out of Dolly Parton’s numerous business ventures happens to be her most recent one.

Dolly Parton took her love for ice cream and blended it with her love for her good old fashioned country lifestyle to came up with a unique ice cream flavor. Strawberry Pretzel Pie was just introduced to the world and of course, everyone wants a taste of this creative and mouth-watering new flavor.

It took off with such acceleration that fans crashed the website of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream amid frantic efforts to secure a purchase. Brick and mortar stores that sold the ice cream saw deep lineups that wrapped around their buildings, and it’s safe to say that there’s a whole lot of interest in this new ice cream she created.

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3 Heartstrings, On Netflix

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In addition to earning millions upon millions for her efforts in the world of music, Dolly Parton advanced her wealth by taking her signature sounds to the next level. She collaborated with Netflix to release Heartstrings, which is an 8-episode series that as you may have guessed, is a deep-dive into her wildly successful music career.

This series is a huge contributor to her wealth and fortune, as fans from across the globe excitedly tune in to discover her musical process, her inspiration, and the deeper story behind her massive hits, including Jolene, and Two Doors Down.

Dolly Parton stays true to her own brand by staying actively involved in each venture she dives in to, and this one is no different. She personally narrates and acts in this series. She tells People: “It’s a joyful, fulfilling feeling to see your dreams come true and to see your songs come to life like that on screen.”

2 Her Very Own Amusement Park

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Why go to Hollywood, if you can go to Dollywood, instead? By creatively crafting this clever name that is the ultimate play on words, Dolly Parton has solidified her name as being among the leaders in the amusement park business.

Anyone looking for some family fun, an active date, or a day filled with adventure can make their way to Dollywood, which is in Dolly’s hometown of Tennessee.

In 1986, Parton took possession of the property that had formerly housed the Silver Dollar City theme park along with her partners, Herschend Family Enterprises. The park appeals to tourists and locals alike, and has become well known across the globe as a massive, highly sought-after spot for anyone traveling through the region. In fact, Dolly Parton’s fans from across the globe have made special trips to Tennessee just to attend her amusement park and tick the visit off their bucket list.

According to Prevention, Dollywood is” one of the top 50 most visited amusement parks in the world. Today’s one day admission costs $69,  and the park gets approximately 2.5 million guests annually,” leading to a massive amount of additional wealth for Dolly Parton.

1 IMG Clothing & Accessories

Dolly Parton has also signed a huge deal with the talent agency IMG to release all the girlie things that her fans admire about her wardrobe! Known to be loud and proud when it comes to her fashion choices, this business venture seemed like a natural fit for the star.

Dedicated to further growing her massive empire of wealth, Dolly Parton penned a deal with IMG that would see the production of jewelry, accessories, and household items, spanning across a multi-year contract.

Biz Journals reports her as saying; “I am excited to be working with IMG on a global scale to give my fans products that they will cherish for years to come. You might even see my mug on a mug.”

Dolly Parton has proven her lasting power and diversity through a series of business ventures, and shows no signs of slowing the pace.

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