More ‘Tiger King’ Is Reportedly In The Works, But Joe Exotic Might Be Left Behind

Can one ever have too much Tiger King? We might be about to find out. According to a new report, more Tiger King could be coming to Netflix, but there’s a twist. Instead of continuing the story of Joe Exotic, aka Joe Maldonado-Passage, the potential new episodes would follow a different Tiger King. Bustle reached out to Netflix to confirm the news, but did not receive an immediate response.

Filmmakers are reportedly looking into creating new Tiger King episodes about the famous duo Siegfried & Roy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Specifically, the magazine claimed that a producer, Dr. James Liu, who works with Tiger King co-director Eric Goode at the Turtle Conservancy, expressed interest in the 2003 mauling of Roy Horn. According to the publication, Liu reached out to THR in the hopes of getting contact information for former Siegfriend & Roy tiger handler, Chris Lawrence, who was onstage the night of the famous attack.

Liu reportedly indicated that filmmakers were working on a follow-up episode of Tiger King that would balance the wild, somewhat chaotic Joe Exotic scandal with a more prestigious "high-minded corrective" sequel. And filmmakers Goode and co-director Rebecca Chaiklin had previously teased that a sequel would focus more on the conservation of tigers and how to help them. However, a spokesperson for the production company Goode Films denied that filmmakers were "going in a more conservational route" with future episodes. Despite seemingly confirming that new episodes are, indeed, in the works, the company did not give any indication on the nature of these episodes.

This isn’t the first time rumors of a sequel have come up. In fact, just last month, Netflix gave fans a bonus Tiger King reunion episode of the hit series. Then there’s also the pseudo sequel coming to Investigation Discovery (ID), Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic, which will take a deeper look into Joe’s accusations that Carole Baskin killed her former husband, whose disappearance was mentioned in Tiger King. (Baskin has denied the allegations, and is currently not a suspect in her former husband’s disappearance.)

Fans haven’t seen the last of Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin — whether or not new episodes of Tiger King really are in the works at Netflix.

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