Morrisons is selling 1litre bottles of Baileys for £12 – much cheaper than rivals

The supermarket has slashed the price of one litre bottles of the Irish cream liqueur to just £12, down from the usual £20.

The whiskey-based tipple is traditionally drunk at Christmas, so the discount at Morrisons makes it the perfect chance to stock up.

The deal is currently the cheapest price among the UK's major supermarkets and luckily, it's available until April 2 online as well as in stores.

Customers can order a maximum of 20 bottles at the discounted price online.

Morrisons has 494 stores across the UK. You can find your nearest shop using its branch locator.

Asda is selling the same bottles of plonk for £18, down from £20, but it's not clear on its website how long this offer is available for.

Tesco and Sainsbury's both sell the large bottles for £20 each.

Baileys is traditionally enjoyed on its own or over ice, or if you're looking for a twist, you can add it to your coffee or pour it over vanilla ice cream.

As always, remember to drink responsibly.

The Sun has run a taste test to see if supermarkets' own brands lived up to the standard of the branded Baileys version.

Last year, Baileys also launched a strawberries and cream version of its tipple in a UK first.

Meanwhile, the company has increasingly branched out into the dessert and food aisles in supermarkets – here are all the best treats.

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