Mum and daughter, 7, rescued from horror car crash by 15-year-old using Snapchat

A mum who was trapped in a crashed car with her seven-year-old daughter was rescued thanks to Snapchat.

Gemma Fairweather, 38, veered off a country lane and plunged through bushes down a hidden embankment.

She and her daughter Martha were unable to open the jammed doors of the car – leaving them trapped in the darkness.

Gemma dialled 999 and waited for 40 minutes as police, paramedics and firefighters drove around the area.

The pair were only saved when her boyfriend’s 15-year-old son used Snapchat’s geo-location tool, Snap Map, to pass her location to rescuers.

Teacher Gemma said: "We were in total darkness because the headlights had smashed so we could not see anything.

"It was very worrying because we could hear the sound of running water and I could tell the car was right next to it.

"We were on a slope and I felt that the slightest movement could send us toppling into the water.

"We could hear vehicles driving past, but nobody was stopping because they did not know where we were.

"It was such a relief when help arrived. The emergency services were outstanding."

The accident happened at around 10.30pm last Sunday as Gemma was driving back to her home in Wymondham, Norfolk.

Gemma was unable to give an exact location to 999 call handlers because she had no idea where they were.

The crashed Citroen C3 was 20ft from the road at Blundeston near Lowestoft, Suffolk, meaning it was invisible to passing ambulances.

So Gemma phoned her boyfriend Graham Potts who enlisted the help of son Sam, 15.

The schoolboy spoke to her through the messaging app and told her how to reveal her exact location.

He passed the information to ambulance control room operators who forwarded it to rescue crews, enabling them to find her.

Gemma and Martha escaped from the crash with only minor bruises.

Snapchat’s Snap Map feature works by using GPS signals to locate people who are using the app across the globe.

If a user turns on Snap Map mode they can add their location to any snaps or stories they post, or share their location with friends in a private or group chat.

A Suffolk Police spokesperson said: "We were called by the ambulance service to reports of a road accident near Blundeston at about 10.15pm on Sunday.

"Officers were dispatched to the scene and five minutes later we got a message, giving further clarification on the location of the vehicle.

"The fire service was already at the scene when we arrived at around 10.30pm."

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