Mum devastated after ‘toxic’ sister ‘steals’ her dead newborn daughter’s name

A 29-year-old mum believed her sister was playing a nasty trick on her when she found out that she was naming her newborn the same name as her child.

Sadly, the woman’s baby had passed away the previous year – and so the use of the name felt like a slap in the face.

She explained that she fell pregnant with twins several years ago with a boy (Henry) and a girl (Daphne)*.

However, she fell direly ill during the pregnancy and chose to deliver early, reports the Mirror.

Her daughter did not survive the birth, though Henry and the mother both thankfully did.

The mum explained that her sister was supportive at the time, but they had experienced a tumultuous relationship due to her siblings one-upmanship.

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But, she made her sister Henry’s godmother due to their improved bond.

However, after her sibling had her own child she refused to announce the name straight away, but eventually told them she would be named Theodora.

The 29-year-old sister went to see her with gifts, but saw items emblazoned with the name Daphne.

Her sibling explained that she would only be Theodora “on paper”, but would be known as Daphne in daily life.

She told her sibling that she “didn’t own” the name and that she had liked it since her niece’s funeral.

The woman was stunned when her family sided with her sister and said she “caused a scene”.

On Reddit, the devastated mum said: "They want me to apologise but I don’t want to.

“She hated that we got engaged before her (she has been with her partner for 3+ more years) and she threw a fit saying she wouldn’t attend our wedding unless she was engaged too.

"When I started dating my partner, she took him away from dancing with me at my birthday to tell him she thinks he would be better suited with someone like her. That she takes better care of her looks, has a better job."

Now, she’s decided to cut off her entire family including her “toxic” sister.

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And, fellow Reddit posters agreed with her choice.

One said: "Especially her saying that she liked the name since your daughter's funeral. From all the names in the world, she chose this one and worst part is, it's not even the official name for the baby. I wonder if she didn't choose that name to hurt you…"

A second wrote: "What a cruel and tasteless thing to do. Throw the whole family away. Disgusting behaviour."

And another advised: "I think you need to re-evaluate why you continue to have these people in your life and whether you want to continue to do so."

*Names have been changed

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