Mum drops 6 dress sizes after shame of having to wear XXXL man’s festive jumper

A mum dropped six dress sizes after being humiliated when she turned up to a party in a men’s XXXL festive jumper.

Fiona Ednie, 52, had already felt embarrassed wearing the still too-tight robot sweater to work on her charity’s Christmas jumper day.

But she was mortified when she had to put it on again for her friends’ party with the same theme – then discovered they had forgotten to tell her the dress code had changed.

Fiona, who went from a size 22 to a 10 and is now six stone lighter, said: “My Christ­­mas jumper didn’t just change my life, it likely saved it, too.

“I looked so awful in it. It had a robot design as I had to buy it from the men’s department.

“Now I feel a strange affect­­ion for it. I’m a new woman this year because of that jumper.

“I was heading for an early grave.” Fiona began to gain weight after her first pregnancy in 1993. The single, working mum-of-three scoffed frozen meals, pastries and sweets.

The charity boss, from Glasgow, said: “Christmas was the worst. I’d eat the Celebrations and replace them.”

In 2016 she hit her heaviest weight, at 18st 2lb and a size 20-22, up from a size 12. Later that year, she had to organise her work jumper fundraiser.

The Matalan top was the only one that fit. Then pals announced their festive party dress code. But Fiona found them in dresses and heels.

She said: “It was embarra­ssing enough having to wear my robot sweater to work. It was so tight.

“I wanted the ground to open up when I saw every­­one else dressed up.”

Fiona signed up to the Cambridge Weight Plan days later, swapping junk food for shakes and bars.

She said: “I’m fitter and health­­ier than I have been since ­hav- ing children.”

Fiona’s meal then and now


Breakfast Buttered toast and Danish pastry on way to work

Lunch Chips, bacon sandwich, chocolate bar and a Danish

Dinner Cheesy pasta, pizza and garlic bread followed by ice cream

Snack Bar of chocolate and sweets


Breakfast Cambridge Weight Plan smoothie

Lunch Homemade salad or soup

Dinner Lean meat and vegetables

Snack Cambridge Weight Plan chocolate flavour bar

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