Mum feeds her baby formula from a tomato sauce bottle

The hilarious moment baby girl refuses to drink milk out of anything but a TOMATO SAUCE bottle: ‘I tried everything, it’s all she’ll take’

  • Thousands of mums often struggle transitioning from breast to bottle feeding 
  • Now an Aussie mum has opted to using a tomato sauce bottle to feed her baby
  • She shared the results in several now-viral TikTok videos 
  • Some parents were confused, while others said it’s vital the baby is fed

An Aussie mum has shared a unique and amusing solution to feeding her baby girl who’s rejecting feeding from a standard bottle. 

After trying ‘every’ plastic bottle, the frustrated mum opted to try a clean tomato sauce bottle – and remarkably, it worked instantly. 

‘Are you having trouble switching from breast to bottle? Try this,’ she wrote in a now-viral TikTok video.

Another clip shows her baby happily drinking formula milk from the sauce bottle without complaint. 

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An Aussie mum has surprised thousands online by opting to feed her baby formula milk using a clean tomato sauce bottle 

Another clip shows her baby happily drinking from the sauce bottle filled with formula milk (pictured) 

The bizarre tip shocked thousands of parents online, and one video has since been viewed a staggering 3.4million times. 

As expected, other mums had an array of burning questions to ask.  

‘Okay but how did you decide one day let’s try the sauce bottle?’ one woman wrote. 

The mum explained herself and said: ‘She wouldn’t take a bottle but would drink from a syringe.. a syringe is a hard plastic and so is the tomato sauce bottle,’ she said. 

‘So [I] thought why not give it a go.’

In another short TikTok video, the mum showed her daughter resisting feeding from a baby bottle but instead was happy to fed using the sauce bottle.

Others were in disbelief and couldn’t believe the trick worked.  

‘This is a joke right?’ one person wrote.

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures…my guess is at a certain point of frustration you’d look at anything that could possibly hold liquid,’ another wrote. 

A third wrote: ‘I think this is brilliant… but I’m curious why you thought about even trying the sauce bottle to begin with.’

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Others supported the woman and outlined other struggled mum often face when transitioning from breast feeding to bottle. 

‘I’ve seen babies hospitalised and tube fed because they would not take a bottle and they were starving. I’m happy you found something that works!’ one woman said. 

‘My mum always said fed is best so.. do whatever works, its your child at the end of the day,’ another added. 

‘I’m confused about what the problem is… if this is how baby wants to feed & mumma needs a break or isn’t able to breastfeed what else do people want?’ another wrote.

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The World Health Organization and the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia recommend breastfeeding your child for at least six months with no other fluids or solids. 

Between 12 to 24 months, breastfeeding should continue combined with solid foods. 

But in some cases, mums are unable to breastfeed and opt to bottle feed as a suitable alternative. 

What to consider when buying baby bottles: 

Flow matters so pay attention to the flow number on the teat. The smaller the number, the smaller the flow

Only buy one at a time to see if the baby decides to refuse it 

Think about how old or how big your baby is in relation to what volume capacity baby bottle you’re buying

Fiddly and hard-to-clean parts, bottle brushes and sterilising kits all need to be considered when buying bottles 

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