Mum hailed as ‘superwoman’ after transforming cluttered kitchen with DIY build

As a homeowner, you're aware that the cost of furnishing your home is always increasing, but that's not to say there aren't ways to revamp on a budget.

At the moment there is a growing market for budding DIYers who are generous enough to share their top tips for saving both your cash and time.

One savvy mum posted her money-saving hack to the DIY On A Budget Offical Facebook Group, explaining her need to make more room at home after her niece and nephew moved in. 

Mum-of-three Louise Serena Clark decided that instead of splashing the cash on a new dining room table – which was in perfectly good condition – she would… slice it in half?

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  • 'Supermum' on how she preps week's worth of food for kids without it going soggy

She said: "So I had this crazy idea to cut my old six seat dining table in half, and I have to say I'm pleased with how it turned out!"

She continued: "I have five kids, my nephew and niece moved in with me last year as well as three of mine, I didn't want to move house after a lot of bedroom moving around and a whole house de-clutter."

So, instead of making the dining room table bigger, she found a way to make her kitchen more spacious by swapping the large, chunky table to a corner counter, reported Daily Mail.

After purchasing five ottomans from B&Q for £35, fablon and seat cushions from The Range, and four hair pin table legs from eBay for £34, she was ready to start the revamp. 

Louise started by removing the old table legs, before cutting the table itself in half using a jigsaw cutter tool.

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She then fixed a support beam to the walls in the corner of the room, and covered the old wood with Fablon – a sticky back plastic – before pushing the ottomans underneath, and adding the new chair covers.

She admitted: "It may not be perfect but it works and the kids love it. I'm loving less of their clutter lying around. I did every little bit myself and I've never used a jigsaw before."

The post received almost 4,000 likes and was inundated with others praising her idea.

One said: "Love it! What a fab idea".

And another agreed: "Oh my God super woman wow wow."

A third also said: "Love how inventive you have been it looks fabulous and if it works for you and your family bravo".

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