Mum regrets baby name choice as it’s ‘skanky’ and hates saying it out loud

A mum has revealed she regrets the baby name decision she made for her daughter.

Posting on popular parenting website Mumsnet, the anonymous mum hoped for reassurance from users.

She wrote: "I regret the name we chose for our daughter and I don't know what to do.

"It's gradually been eating away at me for the past 6 months."

But the woman refused to write out the name she had chosen with her husband as it would make her feel worse.

However, she did drop hints after they had gone for a "nature" name which is usually used for boys.

She also felt their chosen moniker was "too much of a try-hard name and a bit skanky".

The woman feared she had let her daughter down with the name too.

Explaining that it was her partner's choice, she felt the decision was rushed and she was pressured to pick a name.

Many parents attempted to guess the name with suggestions like: River, Rowan, Wren, Sky/Skye, Willow, Autumn, Brook / Brooke, Linden, Storm, Ocean, Phoenix, Autumn and Misty.

The poster confirmed the name had been mentioned, but wouldn't specify which it was.

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Some mums got angry at the woman for not revealing the name.

One wrote: "My sister had the same problem with her first baby. She stuck it out and it suits them so well. She loves it 4 years on."

The woman went onto say that all mums weighing on her predicament had not helped reassure her.

She said: "I'm at the point where I don't like telling people what her name is. It's not that she doesn't suit it."

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One mum who also regretted her baby's name told her to change it after having her own issues.

She admitted: "My daughter is now 9 (years not months) and I have regretted hers since she was a few months old.

"I thought it was too late to change it then. Duh. I really regret that."

Many suggested she switch over the names she had given her so that her current name became her middle name.

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