Mum says she’d buy sex toy for daughter, 12, as ‘it’s better than pregnancy’

A mum has stunned the internet by revealing she would buy a sex toy for her children as young as 12 years old.

Naomi Rikken, 23, posted a series of TikTok videos answering viewers' question including one asking "if your daughter asked for a toy at 5, would you give her?"

Her immediate response was "no", explaining that it is "way, way, way too young" before she added: "But actually depends if you're talking about a kids' toy or something different."

Many viewers were confused, so another viewer asked: "If your daughter asked for a toy at nine would you say yes?"

"Nope! That's too young for me. A little older and I would say yes," she responded. "12 years old would be okay. I think 11 is still a little young, but maybe if they really hit puberty.

"But not all teens want it early, but some are unstoppable.

"I would rather have that than a pregnancy. But maybe when that time hits, I might think differently."

Not everyone was happy with the thought of giving sex toys to children at such a young age.

"Adult toys are called like that for a reason…it's for adults, not teenagers," one said.

A second commented: "I don't think any kid should have 'toys' until at least 16. That's just my opinion."

But some agreed with Naomi, believing it gives a safer option to prevent unprotected sex.

"Girls are getting periods at 11 and are losing virginity at 13. This is a safer option," a viewer explained and another parent wrote: "My daughter can have it when she feels like it.

"Who are we parents to decide, I would just tell her when she is 13 or 14."

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