Mum thought tattoos were reason parents avoided her realises it’s her Fitbit

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A single mum was shocked when she found out why other parents were avoiding her — her Fitbit.

Jeni said she was always excluded by other parents when she went to see her son playing football at school and thought it could be because of her tattoos.

She took to TikTok and delved into details, saying: "So I was at my kid's soccer game and the two mums that I sit with are talking about the rings on their Apple watches.

"I said, 'Oh, I don't really ever pay attention to that because I've realised how inconsistent the numbers on that are with the Fitbit on my ankle and so I go with that one because it's supposed to be more accurate'.

"And they were like… 'That's a Fitbit?' And I said 'Yeah what did you think it was? It was purple!"

Jeni then realised the mums were thinking her Fitbit was an ankle monitor.

"The whole time I think the mums were not talking to me because of my tattoos, it was that they thought I was on house arrest," she added.

Jeni said there was one time a police officer pulled over at the soccer field to watch his kid play, but she said: "All the parents thought he was there for me."

The huge mix-up left her viewers in stitches and many asked Jeni to do an "ankle monitor" reveal.

She showed in her follow-up video of what her purple Fitbit looks like.

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"It is ridiculous, this is the part that lights up, it's inside so I guess people can't see it and outside it says 'Fitbit' right on it," Jeni explained while pulling up her trouser leg to show the lilac gadget.

She also stood by the theory that wearing the step counter on the ankle is "way more accurate" as she pointed out that her Apple Watch is "off at least 1,000 steps every day undercounting" and even more if she's super active.

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