Mum’s £1 Aldi recipe makes ‘delicious’ scones with just four ingredients

A mum’s scone recipe has taken Facebook by storm.

The Australian woman threw together the tasty treats with just four ingredients.

Everything could be picked up from Aldi – and the entire batch cost just £1.12 to make.

On the Aldi Mums group, the home cook wrote: “Seeing as Sunday is my grocery day, and I usually do some baking for school lunches, I thought I’d share this super simple, four ingredient scone recipe.”

To whip up the easy scones, you’ll need self raising flour, dates, cream and lemonade.

And after a quick stir and bake, they’re ready to eat.

On Facebook, the mum advised buying the following ingredients:

– 385g self raising flour

– 130g dates

– 236ml cream

– 236ml lemonade

She advised stirring these together and flattening them into a dough, before cutting them out with a circular cutter.

To complete the recipe, bake your scones 20 minutes and you’re good to go.

The Aldi shopper wrote: “Using a butter knife, mix all ingredients together.

“Place onto a floured surface and flatten out to 2cm thick.

“Cut out shapes and place onto a baking tray (can just cut squares with a knife if you don’t have a circle cutter).

“Brush tops with cream (or milk/egg).

“Place into a 220C oven and cook until the bottoms sound hollow when tapped.

“Bake for roughly 20 minutes (mine are super brown because I forgot they were in the oven).”

The parent added that you can save a fortune by making your own scones.

She explained: “Based on weight of ingredients used, these came to a total of $2.25 AUD (£1.12).

“I’ve seen 4-6 packs of scones in other shops going for $4.50 AUD (£2.25).

“Other variations I’ve made – white chocolate and dried cranberry, sultana, chocolate chip.

“Orange zest and chocolate chip would be nice. Or maybe some dried apple and cinnamon.”

The mum’s post proved very popular as 265 Facebook users liked it.

Dozens also took the time to leave a comment – with some even testing out the recipe themselves.

One responder wrote: “Made these today in the air fryer, they were delicious.”

Another said: “Oh I've never tried them with the addition of dates. YUM.”

And a third added: “Sounds delish.”

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