Murder Suspect Found with 'Get Out of Jail Free Card' on Crime Scene, Sheriff Says

He reportedly "had a post incident wallet card which instructed him what to tell law enforcement"

A sheriff in Florida is mocking a card he claims deputies found on a murder suspect that purportedly gave instructions on what to tell police “post-incident.”

On Wednesday the Polk County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on a fatal shooting death that occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 27 2022.

Deputies arrived at the scene in Davenport around 2:30AM responding to reports of a shooting. They found the victim in the front yard of a residence as a witness performed CPR. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

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Per the affidavit, 35-year-old Thomas Jackson was celebrating his birthday when he allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend. The victim is said to have taken Jackson outside to cool off.

Moments later the two women in the house are said to have heard gunshots. Once outside the women said they witnessed Jackson standing over the victim. A handgun was said to be be on the ground nearby.

Jackson is said to have told investigators that the victim “came at me.” The affidavit also states that Jackson had a wallet sized card on him with instructions for how to talk to law enforcement “post-incident,” including pointers on claiming the card holder was the one being attacked.

Detectives say they observed no signs “to suggest that great bodily harm was a factor” and noted there was no evidence of a struggle.

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“Jackson had a post incident wallet card which instructed him what to tell law enforcement,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “If he thought he could murder someone and use this as get out of jail free card, he was sadly mistaken.”

Witnesses told investigators that Jackson had previously brandished a weapon during conflicts and authorities say they learned he had been in a separate physical altercation the day prior.

Jackson was arrested for second degree murder with a weapon. He has previous arrests for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, DUI and intentional damage of a monument.

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