Must-Have Pieces From Black-Owned Brands To Upgrade Your Decor For Spring

Spring isn’t solely about sunshine, blooming flowers and cozy, comfortable temperatures. This time of year, with its sense of newness, brings along a desire to incorporate as much of the vibrancy you see outdoors, indoors. Now is a great time, if you haven’t already, to put away those blackout curtains and let light in, to switch out dark rugs and towels for some pops of color, and to bring in some new pieces sure to make you smile after a rough few months stuck indoors looking at the same decor gathering dust.

No, you don’t have to throw out your frumpy brown couch or completely rearrange your home to feel a renewed sense of happiness again. Instead, you can just opt for adding some fun statement pieces to your living space. We’ve been on the lookout for some gems that can help with that, and they’re all from Black-owned brands.

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