My bossy sister is trying to fix my life and it’s driving me mad – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY sister seems to have appointed herself as my life coach. She is bossy, overbearing and gives me no peace.

She voices her opinion on everything from where I live to what I do and the people I know.

I am a happy single dad with well-behaved children, a home and a job.

I feel blessed to have these at the age of 35.

I am content with my own company and do not need to be told how to live my life.

If I want a new partner, which she believes I need, I will go out and meet new people. Right now, I don’t.

My sister, four years younger than me, thinks she knows the lot. She encourages friends and family to help her mend my life. It is not in need of mending.

I have told her to stop but nothing changes.

I don’t know how can I get her to back off and leave me in peace.

She most probably means well but I understand how maddening all that is.

DEIDRE SAYS: If you have told her clearly you are happy as you are, try talking to those she is encouraging to “mend” your life.

Explain to them individually that your life is just fine and ask them to tell your sister that when she tries to rope them into reorganising it.

With no willing audience, she will soon give up on giving advice.

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