My daughter doesn't want me to walk her down the aisle so I feel so low right now

She says she is meeting her future husband at the church door and they’re walking down the aisle together. I am heartbroken.

I’m 55. My daughter is 26. My disappointment is hard to explain. I feel so low right now. I have even been thinking of not going to the wedding but I know how much this would hurt my daughter. If this is the modern way, it sucks.

I want to say to all future brides: Please, if you love your dad, let him walk you down the aisle.  I feel as though my heart has been pulled out.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your relationship with your daughter shouldn’t hang on the few seconds it takes to walk her down the aisle.

Is it worth making this an issue when you’ve had a good relationship with her until now?

Say you love her and are disappointed but then leave it at that.

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