My ex messaged me on Facebook after dumping me 30 years ago

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER dumping me for no obvious reason 30 years ago, my ex contacted me on Facebook recently.

I’m a man of 53. We’ve been talking online for a while.

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It’s become romantic but I’m starting to feel as if she’s not taking things seriously.

I think she just wants someone to talk to after her husband died two years ago.

I’ve only had one phone call from her. She says she’ll call again but never does and when I call her, she never answers.

She’s always suggesting we meet up but never makes any plans. She’s 51.

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Is she playing games and taking me for an idiot? Should I call it a day?

If it’s not going to happen, I need to move on.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It might have been loneliness that made her seek you out but from what you have said, she is offering you nothing at all.

She sounds to be processing being single after being bereaved.


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Her lack of contact suggests she is not being fair with you.

Save yourself lots of heartache and tell yourself she is not going to be the right woman for you after all.

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