My fiancée is suicidal and keeps reliving the night her ex-partner died

DEAR DEIDRE: MY fiancée keeps reliving the night her partner died.

We have been together for a year. Before that she was in a relationship with the dad of her five-year-old son. We are both 31.

At the time she had terrible problems at work and was very stressed. Her partner became stressed as well, and had a fatal heart attack in their bed by her side. She is convinced his worrying over her caused it.

It’s two years down the line but she still goes back to that terrible night in her dreams. I am worried she will start self-harming. She has in the past and even thought of suicide.

DEIDRE SAYS: Guilt is a natural part of grief and can go on for a long time.

Getting her to share feelings is helping her. You can find support through Papyrus HopeLine (, 08000 68 41 41), our partners in our Let’s Talk campaign.

She may also be suffering post-traumatic stress, which needs treating. Urge her to talk to her GP. Her son can get support, too, via (08088 020 021).

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