‘My husband says my outfit is inappropriate for school run but I look hot’

A woman has divided the internet when she was criticised for wearing an "inappropriate" outfit on the school run.

Anne, from the US, got told off by her husband when she dressed up in a risque co-ord to the school.

Asking for her viewers' opinions, she posted a video on TikTok.

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"Hubby says my outfit is inappropriate to pick up our kids from school in…what do you think?" she says.

The "hot" mum puts on a sweetheart neckline mini top – showing off her curves and flat abs – and matching minuscule shorts with drawstrings tied to the sides.

But people seemed to agree with her husband on the outfit.

"If you got it, you can flunk it, but not for school. Honestly, it's a bit inappropriate for that," one said.

Another wrote: "You look great but I'm with the husband! Definitely inappropriate for school pickup, looks a bit cheap."

And a third added: "Your husband is correct…unless the school is in the Caribbean, just saying!"

"Wow, someone is desperate for attention. Why would you even do that? Have some class for yourself and respect for the kids," a fourth criticised.

Anne made another video to hit back at the negative comments as she put on another eye-catching sports outfit.

"I know [I'm on TikTok for attention], dude. It's working too, thank you!" she slammed the trolls.

Her fans were in love with her looks and joked they don't mind if Anne has their "full attention" on TikTok.

"Can't take my eyes off you, you gorgeous!" one commented.

In Kent, a mum was abused by trolls because of her unique style of dressing which included a top with an AK-47 design on the front saying "make peace not war".

People mocked her colourful clothes and joked if she's off to the Red Light District after the school run.

But she ignored them and said: "The more people tell me to tone it down the more I go against it. I like winding people up with the way I look."


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