‘My parents wanted me to like girly things but I ended up liking girls instead’

A woman has opened up about how her parents pressured her into liking ‘girlier’ things – but she ended up fancying girls instead.

Millie Mclay is a body positive influencer and speaks openly about her sexuality to her fan base of 889,000 TikTok followers.

But before she came out to her family and the world, her so-called dislike for the more feminine things in life was picked up by her mum and dad.

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However, this certainly was not the case.

The influencer, who also starred in season one of dating show ‘Love In The Flesh’, realised that she was actually attracted to women.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, Millie shared a throwback snap of herself as she posed by the beach front.

“We want you to start liking girlier things”, they allegedly said.

Despite their wishes, Millie did not quite take their advice.

As she proudly held up a pride flag, she announced: “Me: *starts liking girls.”

Millie even changed her appearance as she dyed her hair blonde and opted for more colourful attire.

“Guess they got what they wanted”, she chuckled in the comments.

Many people fled to the comments to praise Millie for being herself instead of listening to what family members had to say.

One person commented: “Mission failed SUCCESSFULLY.”

Another user added: “Took that literally.”

While a third voiced: “Iconic.”

Someone else praised: “Task failed successfully"

Meanwhile, a fifth person chuckled: “Backfired.”

As well as posting clips about interactions she has as a gay woman, Millie often shares loved up videos with herself and girlfriend Kate.

The pair met after Kate sent Millie a DM on TikTok, but it wasn’t until after Millie went on the BBC3 dating show that the pair kicked things off romantically.


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