My sis gave kid name of baby I lost – I’m upset but she’s called me drama queen

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Deciding on a baby name for your child can certainly be tough.

However, one woman was horrified to find out what her sister eventually decided to call her little one.

Taking to Reddit to share her story anonymously, the woman said she was devastated to find out that her sibling had given her baby the name she used for her own baby that was stillborn.

What's even worse is that she used the named just a few months after the tragic incident occurred, according to The Mirror.

The woman explained that she was understandably "angry and upset" with her sibling for not considering her feelings on the name – but she was called a "drama queen" by her family.

She said: "My husband and I have been trying for years to have a baby with no luck. We tried really hard and tried everything possible, so when we found out we were finally expecting we were ecstatic! My family were so excited for us and my mum was finally looking forward to being a grandma because my sister was very adamant she didn't want children for years.

"My sister found out she was pregnant when I was six months pregnant and didn't seem excited about it, but decided to keep the baby anyway.

"Everything was fine until one night I was in severe pain and had to deliver my baby who wasn't breathing. It was extremely devastating to me and I had a lot of support from family and friends.

"Well, my sister's due date came along and she finally had her little one and decided to name her new baby the name I had given to my baby."

The woman said her sister claimed the name was a "tribute" to the stillborn – despite how insensitive to the woman's suffering the situation was.

She added: "I got extremely angry and upset with her, telling her it was uncomfortable and inconsiderate to name her this name and she shouldn't have picked it. But she's telling me it's a 'tribute' to her daughter's dead cousin.

"I'm now refusing to talk to her and our family are telling me I'm being a drama queen and 'a name is just a name', and I should be proud of having a tribute. We went through a burial and everything and they saw how devastated I was and still am."

Other Reddit users were stunned by how disrespectful the woman's sibling was being – with some saying she should have at least spoken to her sister about it first.

One person said: "I know on here there is a running theme of 'you can't own a name', and while I usually agree with that, I think this is a special case.

"What your sister did is monstrous. If she really wanted to pay tribute to your late child, she should have had a discussion with you first."

While another added: "If it was a tribute, she would have told you before she decided on that name. It's called having respect. I can't imagine that she didn't think you would be upset about this, especially three months after losing your child."

"What your sister has done may seem very nice on her part, but she and the family don't seem to understand how grief works, and that you will be reminded of your loss every single time you hear that child's name", a third wrote.

The post comes after a wife was left fuming after her revealing her husband and mum-in-law have decided on a baby name for her unborn child.

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