My uncle never sees us now he has found a new girlfriend – I am gutted

DEAR DEIDRE: MY uncle has found a new girlfriend and I’m gutted because he’s stopped spending as much time with us.

I know I should be happy for him because he has moved on after my auntie died two years ago from breast cancer. She was 45.

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I’m 22 and my uncle is 46. He met this new lady through a friend and he’s now spending a lot of time with her. He didn’t even come to us at Christmas as normal.

I don’t believe in second marriages or relationships because in my experience, the new people take over.

That happened to my grandad when he got married for a second time.

We don’t see much of him now because he’s always with his new wife and her family.

I’m scared this will happen to my uncle and my little cousins won’t get to see us any more. It is causing me a lot of anxiety.

DEIDRE SAYS: You’re putting pressure on your uncle to be more involved with the family but he’s got a life to lead.

As you say, you should be happy for him but there’s an element of jealousy that he’s moved on without you.

Are you relying on him for friendship?

You’re at different life stages but you can still meet up when there are family gatherings.

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You can also find support through Anxiety UK (, 03444 775 774).

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